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Welcome to Beloved Baby
“Your child is a wonderful gift from the Gods. They deserve the best from you"
Beloved Baby was started of from a breastfeeding mother who wished to share the wonderful experience of becoming a mother of a newborn to the world and the beauty of breastfeeding.

Not long after that, the she created Beloved Baby to introduce her joy and importance of being a breastfeeding mother to the other mothers in this world.

Every mother wishes to provide the best for their children. They made many sacrifices in order to raise their beloved children to grown in to good, moral individuals on a very one fine day.

Picking The Best Breast Pump

We provide facilities at our physical store for mothers to try the ‘tester set’ by themselves before deciding to buy. So, in this way, the mothers can have a pump that fits their dreams with a very affordable price.

We are also embodied by executives who are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable in assisting mothers selecting the most suitable breast pump for them.