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Cimilre Hands Free Breast Shield Set - 28mm (Single/Double)
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Brand Cimilre
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Brand: Cimilre
Product Name: Cimilre Wide Neck Hands-free Breast Shield Set

Breast Shield Size: 28mm


Cimilre Wide Neck Hands-free Breast Shield Set is a breast shield that can be placed under your bra so that you do not need to hold the flange while pumping, leaving your hands free to do other things. The perfect solution for busy mums to pump more efficiently. Enjoy the freedom of your hands while you pump! Fits easily onto the bra allowing you to enjoy other activities as you express.


The hands-free shield set is compatible with multiple pumps including the Cimilre S3 and Cimilre F1 powered breast pumps. It also allows for compatibility with our complete backflow protection system.


Our hands-free breast shield set does NOT compromise the suction and effectiveness of the pump.


The other unique feature of this set is the collection of milk occurs in the bottle which allows for not losing any amount of milk which was one of the challenges with other like products on the market. Another restriction of like products was the amount collected was limited, so if you were an over-supplier it was hard to collect large amounts of milk without emptying contents, this allows for the freedom to collect as much milk as our bottle holds (5 ounces).  


  • Placed under the bra, no need to hold
  • Compatible with all Cimilre breast pumps
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable feeling
  • Backflow prevention
  • Hygienic – easy separation and assembly
  • BPA free – safe to sterilize with boiling water, UV light
  • Closed Complete Protection System
  • User-friendly for easy and comfortable pumping

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