MommyJ Pure Rice Puffs-Snack/Rice Cereal/breakfast cereal (Halal & 100% Natural)
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Brand: Mommy J
Product Name: Mommy J Pure Rice Puffs

Flavor: Banana, Blueberry, Apple
Recommended for 6 months old and above


What is MommyJBaby Pure Rice PUFF?
Rice PUFF are non-fried/ non-baked.
The principle of production is to rapidly decompress the raw material under pressure. The structure of the baby rice cake is porous and fluffy, it is crispy and carries a taste of natural sweetness, with nutritional value that is the reason it is very popular among children. Our rice PUFF is mixed with pure natural fruits that rich in vitamins and calcium, which helps promotes the development of the children.


3 ways of consuming it :
- Healthy baby snack
- Add hot water turning it to rice cereal
- Add milk as a healthy breakfast cereal
MommyJ® insists on using the purest and simple natural ingredients to make the most natural and healthy baby's snacks.

Made from only 3 original ingredients: 1) white rice + 2) brown rice + 3) pure apples / pure bananas / pure blueberries.


  • Halal certified
  • Produced in Malaysia
  • Non Oil fried,Retain Utmost Nutrition
  • Best Finger food For Little Ones
  • Encourage Pick Up Skills,Self-Feeds Skill
  • Fresh & Pure Ingredients,Original Taste for Baby
  • Easily dissolves and melts in baby’s mouth.
  • SGS lab tested - Quality Assured
  • Test result is Zero heavy metal.

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