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MommyJ Baby Rice Organic Grain Kids Toddler Rice - 6m+/8m+/10m+/18m+months
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Brand Mommy J
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Brand: Mommy J
Product Name: Mommy J Baby Rice Organic Grain

Packing: 900g/per pack  (*Step 5-850g)

Baby's digestion system friendly with all around vitamins & minerals for your baby.


Step 1 Baby Organic Mono-Grain (6 Months+)
- Ingredient: Organically grown pearl white rice
- Benefit: At around 6 months of age, baby is ready for introduction of solid food. Organically grown pearl white rice is one of the best choice for baby's first supplementary food, due to the starch in pearl white rice is almost allergies free to baby.


Step 2 Baby Organic Duo-Grain (6 Months+)
- Ingredients: Organically grown pearl white rice, and organic hulled millet
- Benefit: After baby has consumed Step 1 & comfortable with it, it is time for baby to be introduced to Step 2 - which is formulated specialy for baby's digestion system for more nutrients absorption. Soft cooked to a semi-liquid consistency with its light & fluffy texture which easily to digest by the little one.


Step 3 Baby Organic Tri-Grain (8 Months+)
- Ingredients: Organically grown pearl white rice, organic hulled millet, and organic white quinoa
- Benefit: Step 3 is formulated specially for 8 months+ baby to provide good source of vitamin and minerals especially organic white  quinoa which easily to be digested & contains healthy omega-3 which help little's one brain development.


Step 4 Baby Organic Multi-Grain (10 Months+)
- Ingredients: Organically grown pearl white rice, organic hulled millet, organic white quinoa, organically grown bario red rice, and organically grown bario blackrice
- Benefit: Step 4 is formulated specially for 10 months+ baby to provide a more complete B complex vitamin, minerals & useful protein for overall development. The digestion system of little one at this stage is not fully develop yet, therefore our specially formulated grains are with softer texture produced from the milling paddy grains that easily to be digested by baby.


Step 5 - Baby Organic Natural SUPER-Grain (1½ years old to Adult)
- Ingredient: Natural Pearl Brown Rice, Natural Pearl White Rice, Natural Bario Red Rice, Natural Bario Black Rice, Organic Cornmeal, Organic Hulled Millet, Organic White Quinoa.
- Benefit: Step5 is formulated specially for 18+ months toddler. Super Grain is excellent for toddlers because it helps strengthen immune system, promote child overall development, improve intelligence and prevent allergic skin diseases.

*Always consult baby's pediatrician about introducing new food to your baby


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