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59S - UVC LED Multi Function Sterilizing Lid
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Brand 59S
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How to use

Step 1
Please fully charge the 
device with compliance 
adaptor(Output: 5V=1A)

Step 2
Slide the toggle switch 
onto 19s(fast sterilize or 
180S( strong sterilize).

Step 3
Place the sterilizing lid on the top of 
Items, such as bowl, spoon, cup, and 
tableware, etc. Double click the sterilizing 
button to start sterilizing. the LED ring 
keeps fiickering.
Note: The silicon slot is designed to get 
spoon, toothbrush inserted for 
sterilization. and block the UVC light.

Step 4
After sterilization 
finished, restore the 
toggle switch to "OFF “. 

Step 5
Click the sterling button 
once to stop working 
instantly during sterilization

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