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Coby DIVO Multifunctional Dining Chair High Foldable Compact Dining Chair (6-72months)
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Brand Divo
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Brand: Divo
Product Name: Coby DIVO Multifunctional Dining Chair High Chair
Color: Candy Red, Indigo Blue
Recommended Use: 6-72months


The baby dining chair is very suitable for the baby's small body that is still growing and developing. It allows the baby to sit comfortably and safely, and can help the baby develop good eating habits and enjoy the fun of eating.

When the baby starts to learn to sit and stand (6-7 months), it is necessary to use the baby dining chair.

The baby dining chair not only allows the baby to exercise the ability to eat independently, cultivates the baby’s good eating habits, but also exercises the baby’s fingers.

The most important thing about the ability to grasp is to help your baby learn to sit. Babies generally learn to stand up at 3 months and sit up at 6 months. The process from turning over to sitting is also the process of spine growth and development. Babies who cannot sit up fully indicate that the spine is still weak and needs good protection.

The baby of three months begins to add supplementary food gradually. Choose the baby dining chair to adjust the backrest separately.

The half-lying angle helps protect the baby's undeveloped spine, and it can easily and safely help the baby adapt to the transition process of "adding supplementary food-eating by yourself"


What are the benefits of baby trying a dining chair?
1. Cultivate the baby's ability to eat independently
2. Cultivate baby's table manners
3. It is safer to eat with the baby chair


- Extend to provide Maximum Comfort for your child
- Food Tray : 3 levels adjustable
- 5 height adjustments for convenient table-side seating
- Horseshoe foot : Good Stability can support weight up to 30kg
- Reclines : 5 reclining postions & 3 footrest heights & angles for comfort
- Moves when you need it to : Four wheels that lock for stability and unlock for smooth mobility
- Safe & Secure 5-point harness
- Ultra-compact Fold : Highchair folds compactly for easy storage


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