Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce Low Sodium (Gluten Free & Sugar Free)
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Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce

Made from only 3 ingredients:
Selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water, brewed in a natural and traditional way through the “sun bath” : 365 days of warm sunshine. Each bottle of soy sauce is treated with high-tech food sterilization: kill the harmful germs to protect your loved one's health: especially babies, elderly and pregnant mothers.          


Q Baby Market Organic Soy Sauce made with Simple Ingredients:
selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water

Not condiments sauce : No additional salt, sugar, kelp extract(Kombu extract), mirin (cooking wine), yeast extract or other seasonings are added

Traditional brewing method:

Natural fermented soy sauce: Directly fermented with beans and special strains. Not Chemically produce nor condiment.

Brewed with non-GMO organic black beans for one year (365 days)
100% no added wheat, gluten free
High-tech hygiene food sterilization
Suitable for vegetarians
Baby companion, care for the family
The aroma is rounded, full of flavor and the taste is light
enhance fragrance of your favorite dishes, doesnot add too much saltiness

Non-GMO organic black beans
MSG Free
Sugars Free
Wheat Free
No added artificial colors
No added artificial flavoring
No preservatives
No added food additives
No added corn syrup
No Sweetener
No added fructose
No alcohol

No 3-MCPD (cancer causing compound)

Not condiments sauce
Not Artificial chemical synthetic soy sauce

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