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Pigeon SofTouch™ T-Ester Wide-Neck Nursing Bottle (200ml /300ml)
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Brand Pigeon
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Brand: Pigeon
Product Name: Pigeon SofTouch™ T-Ester Nursing Bottle
Capacity: 200ml, 300ml

Design: Plain, Dewdrop, Leaf


Optional 1: 200ml / Plain

Optional 2: 300ml / Plain

Optional 3: 200ml / Leaf

Optional 4: 300ml / Leaf

Optional 5: 200ml / Dewdrop

Optional 6: 300ml / Dewdrop

For 0+ months and above. 200ml comes with SS size nipple.
For 3+ months and above. 300ml comes with M size nipple.


Pigeon SofTouch™ T-Ester Baby Nursing Bottles provide excellent glass-like clarity for better visibility. This innovative plastic material also has high resistance to UV degradation, making it UV sterilizer friendly*. It is the clear choice for your quality feeding time.

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