Autumnz SMART Water Dispenser (Water temperature (45°C/75°C/ 85°/Ambient Temp)
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Brand Autumnz
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Brand: Autumnz
Product Name: Autumnz SMART Water Dispenser



  • Modern touchscreen display to dispense water at desired temperature and volume at your fingertips.
  • Simple and easy to dispense room temperature water at any point in time. Also comes with 3-mode water temperature to choose from (45°C, 75°C and 85°C). Select the desired water temperature at the touch of displayed keys. Great for making drinks like infant formula, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, oatmeal or even cup noodles.
  • Dispense the amount of water according to your need. The machine can dispense approximately 300ml (10oz) or 540ml (18oz) water. When you short press the desired temperature touch key, the machine by default will dispense approximately 300ml (10oz) water. Long press the temperature touch key (3 seconds) to collect 540ml (18oz) water. Press any touch key to stop dispensing water at any point in time.
  • Quick heating in just 3 seconds! By instantly heating up the individual serving of water volume, there is no repeat heating, hence we can always keep the drinkable water in the water tank fresh.
  • Good helper to every mother as you can make a bottle of formula milk with moderate temperature for your baby without waiting any longer.
  • Comes with smart child lock protection design. You need to unlock the safety lock first before collecting the heated water (at 45°C, 75°C and 85°C) and it will auto-lock after finish dispensing, thus protecting everyone from any burning or scalding risks. (Note: you do not need to unlock the child lock if you want to dispense room temperature water). This machine also adopts anti-dry burning protection whereby there will be several drops of water flowing out after touching for stop dispensing heated water, which is designed to protect the system and is normal.
  • This portable and compact design water dispenser can be placed at any place and suitable for home, office, travel or even in bedroom, living room and study room. Now you can make your favourite hot drink anywhere and at any time without having need to go to kitchen or pantry every time.
  • Comes with large capacity water tank of 3.5 litres so you don’t have to add drinkable water frequently.
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes of bottles and drinking cups.
  • Removable water tank allows easy disposal of water and cleaning of the tank. Easy to assemble the water tank to the machine too.
  • Incorporated with water shortage reminder to prevent machine from dry burning. The machine will stop working with all touch keys flashing, indicating the need to fill the water tank with drinkable water again.
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