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Eatalian Express Beef Pasta Sauce Ready to Eat (2+ Years Old)
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Brand Eatalian Express / Little Nuur
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Brand: Eatalian Express
Product Name: Eatalian express Pasta Sauce

Recommended: 2+ Years Old
Flavor: Alfredo Mushroom (with smokey beef brisket), Bolognese Ragu Meatsauce
Weight: 200g (Serves 2-3 pax per packs)


Extra Thick & Hearty Sauce - Extra Meaty!
Slow cooks the sauce for at least three hours. It results in an extra-extra thick and hearty sauce the likes you’ve never experienced.


  • Does not contain any preservatives, sugar, salt, MSG, artificial colouring or chemical/food additives.
  • Outrageously Tasty & Healthy!
  • Food Technology used – Autoclave Steam Sterilisation process developed by NASA for astronauts to preserve natural flavour and nutritions in the freshest ingredients.
  • Our pasta sauce is cooked from scratch before being sealed in a special four (4) layers pouch and finally sterilised.
  • This sterilisation method kills all bacteria and microorganisms, thus, extending shelf life and preventing food from spoiling.

Cara Penyimpanan : Setelah buka, simpan didalam peti sejuk, tahan 2 hari. Tidak digalakkan panas atas api, dikuatiri akan berubah rasa lauk.

*Tips makan panas : Lauk tak perlu dimasak atau dipanaskan, untuk makan secara panas, hanya rendam pouch didalam air panas.

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